About the Grove

Grove Beginnings and Philosophy

Jacqui and Profth founded the Grove in 1991, creating a space for people with an interest in alternative lifestyles. The Grove is a network centre – a community associated with many other like-minded people and groups working towards social change.

The Grove cares for and respects the environment, so future generations can live in health and abundance.

Over the years the Grove has hosted many small alternative lifestyle festivals – called ‘Grove Gatherings’ – where people come for three or four days camping and community.

The property is situated near Wisemans Ferry and is approximately 90km from Sydney and 75km from Gosford. It covers 40 acres of hillside and river flats and is bounded by national parks.

Wisemans Ferry shops are 5km away, and a 15km drive along a dirt road takes you to the picturesque village of St Albans with its historic settlers Arms pub.

Grove Custodians

Jacqueline Segal
Jacqui has lectured at the University of Western Sydney teaching subjects such as Social Change, Behavioural Science, and Counseling Skills.

Jacqui is in private practice as a counselor. She facilitates groups and workshops and is a consultant on Personal Development, Mentoring, and Life Coaching.

Private sessions are available at the Grove and she also has consulting rooms at Epping, Richmond and Bondi Junction. for more information on Jacqui and her Encounter Weekends, counselling and life coaching visit her web site at:

(pronounced Prof-the) spent years traveling on foot through many countries and was a pioneer of the alternative movement. His passion is in the care of the environment and earth energies. Profth is the architect, builder and manager of the Grove.


(Willing Workers On Organic Farms)

The Grove is a member and agent of WWOOF Australia, and has hosted many many international travelers. Over the years they have helped on many Grove projects such as, building of the house and ‘The Abbey’. Visit the wwoof web site at: www.wwoof.com.au